Light and Dark in Northern Norway in December

  • Norway Dog Sledding 1
    Midway stop on our dog sledding trip. The sky was this lovely pink color for about 2 hours.
  • IMG_20171203_130336-EFFECTS
  • IMG_20171212_132653
  • Senja by day
    Along the Senja National Tourist Route
  • IMG_20171216_102834
  • IMG_20171218_133156-PANO
  • IMG_20171218_133221
  • IMG_20171210_130324
  • IMG_20171205_115744
  • IMG_20171205_134955
  • IMG_20171206_111452-EFFECTS
  • IMG_20171207_132324
  • IMG_20171209_111536
  • Driving from Finnsnes to the Senja National Tourist Route
    This glorious orange in the sky lasted for almost an hour!
  • IMG_20171205_134927
  • IMG_20171206_115720

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