Two days on Senja for Northern Lights Photography

  • Senja - Day 1
    Red and green aurora behind the trees.
  • Red Northern lights over Senja
    Inland on Senja, more subtle but so beautiful!
  • Red Northern Lights! (Senja)
    These were definitely subtle to the naked eye, but the camera captured them quite well!
  • Northern lights over Senja
  • DSC05157-Edit-1200
    Northern lights on Senja
  • DSC05188-Edit-1200
  • Northern lights over Senja
    I waited 4 hours for these to come out... hung out in a convenience store and cleaned and organized my car, chatted with folks at home who were just waking up... basically was quite bored for a while, but worth it!
  • Senja
  • Northern lights over Senja
    By this point of the evening I was about ready to go home, even though the Lights were still out in force...

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  1. Your photos are stunning and fun at the same time, what a wonderful trip. northern sky lights looks so amazing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with us.

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