Scuba diving in Bonaire

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  1. Teja says:

    That is a humongous iguana… 😮

    I am a pro-boat dive kind a gal… I don’t really like to think about having to walk in and out of the water with heavy tanks and full gear. :p

    • Jane R says:

      I just purchased my very own BCD and it fits me really well… I was walking around with it and it felt so good (although missing weights, so the real thing would be heavier).

  2. Ameeta says:

    Wow, scuba diving seems like an amazing experience and the under-water images are surreal! I am very scared of water and can’t swim so this is a dream for me! I hope I am able to go scuba diving sometime in the future. Fingers crossed 🙂

    • Jane R says:

      Step 1: learn to swim and get comfortable in the water! There are swim classes for adults and it is a lovely thing to learn. (I’ve been swimming since I was wee, so I can’t imagine not being able to swim.)

      Step 2: Get comfortable snorkeling. Great way to practice your swimming and see reefs and fish from above! Bonus is learning to free dive a little (I personally hate free diving, but you might like it.)

      Step 3: Do a “try dive” to see how you like SCUBA (or jump right in to a class). I would recommend going somewhere tropical for the whole certification course… sitting on the beach reading dive books isn’t the worst thing in the world! Diving is pretty scary at first because it is counter-intuitive to be able to breathe under water, and all the taking gear off and putting it on again under water is challenging. Most important thing about diving is to stay calm, no matter what happens.

  3. Wow, these are beautiful pictures!! What a stunning place to get certified.

  4. Alina says:

    Bon Bini! These two words brought back such wonderful memories to me! I have not been to Bonaire, but it is the same in Curacao, and Curacao was the reason I passed my OWD/AOWD (back at home though), and went on my first independent dives from the shore with my buddy! I remember my awe at seeing the beautiful, colorful fish right there, just few meters from the shore! I must get to A & B from ABC now!

    • Jane R says:

      In my experience, Bonaire is less of a party place than Aruba or Curacao because of the diving… divers tend not to drink as much as people on holiday for other reasons!

      The shore diving is as good as the boat diving in Bonaire! A lot of the dives south of Kralendijk have a double reef, with lots and lots of stuff to see! I think the entry to the water is a lot easier with the sandy beaches to the south… the northern part is more cliffs and pointy things.

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